$900 Bachelor Pad $30.00 a day Private rooms (Pinecrest / Palmetto Bay)

south Dixe hwy, Pinecrest / Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

US1 and SW 136 street

Pinecrest / Palmetto Bay

No Leases

No Contracts

No Credit Checks

$ 900.00 Month To Month,
(only $30.00 a day, each room)

Refundable $ 900 deposit

$150.00 criminal back ground check
( you can keep the report for your records)

Includes everything ! Including free laundry Machines

If ya like Boating 1 Boats and 3 Kayaks

We are only 2 miles from coast

Great Bachelor Pad !!!!

Great group of Chill, Quiet, Mellow, group of guys......Lots Of Comradely !! ...

Hello..... .. send us a E-mail to:

01* Under subject line put " ROOMMATE "
02* What Web site you found me us on....
03* Tell us all about yourself..... what's your story?
04* Do you have a job?
05* What kind of work do you do?
06* Send us at least 3 recent 2023 Selfies ..( no hats or sun glass's )
Read the last one again. (this is a test to see you follow instructions.) lol
07* Do you go to work everyday? or work remotely ?
08* Do you have a car?
09* Date of which you need a room starting?,
10* How long would you like a room for?
11* Are you a student?
12* Do you smoke?
13* LGBT friendly ? (All are welcome here / I can not discriminate)
14* Do you drink?
15* 420 ?
16* Will you need a parking space?
17* Do you need use of laundry Machines on site?
18* Do you like Boating? Fishing? Sports?
19* What do like to do with your spare time?
20* Any more info you would like to share with us.,,,,so we get a vibe on you on what your like as a potential roommate.

We can Email you a 8 page Information Packet, with all the information, and a list of everything of what is included...............

This " Bachelor Pad " is completely loaded ......!!!!

In South Miami Off Highway US1.
2 miles from" THE FALL's"shopping center
Near SW 136 street & US1
Pinecrest / Palmetto Bay
Shopthefalls.com <-------- You can look it up

If ya have to go downtown (14 miles away) we are 8 blocks from Metro Bus / Metro-Rail Train, which heads towards downtown every 30 minutes .....

The Florida Turnpike High Speed Highway " ON-RAMP "
State Highway US1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Both are 1 mile away


House is 3 miles from the Florida Coastline.

So .we do lots of Boating. Kayaking, Outdoor stuff. Beach,

We have :

*5 Refrigerators
*5 Coffee machines
*5 Irons and iron boards
*2 Really Big Stainless Steal 26.0 cubic feet Refrigerator / Freezers
* Personal food lockers
* Lots of appliances
* A total of 18,000 volts of Blue Neon's goes though-out the property
* Landry Machines,
* Large 36" Hitachi Samurai / Bennihanna GRIDDLE & propane BBQ
* Outside covered table.with seating for 6.
* 20 foot long Gazebo
* Large Flat screen TV with 1850 channels & lots music channels
* 2 Wi-Fi sending towers
( 1 South side & 1 North side of house with 2 different safety passwords.)
* A back yard Multi- level 50 foot wooden Deck,
* All 7 bedrooms have HIGH SPEED HARDWIRE Internet cable & Wi-Fi
* Fire Pit / fireplace
* Outdoors we have music speakers playing with no commercials
* A hot steam shower lockable stall/room, hidden in my 1500 palm trees
* Everybody gets 2 parking spaces
* House get cleaned weekly
* Lawn gets cut every 2 weeks by a Pre-paid landscaper.
* Bedrooms are private and lockable,
* Hot tub / Jaccuzzi 24 hour clothing optional
* No Leases & No Contracts
* Everybody helps out around the house by doing house chores
* Everything is All-Inclusive !!

* House atmosphere is like a casual Key West chilled out Villa....
* Shirtless, Barefoot or Flip flops Towel around waist type thing,,,,,,,,,
* We have a house group text group to see who is doing what...
* We often do group things together.like house dinners. working out,
( L.A. Fitness in on my street)
Restaurants,kayaking,Shopping, Boating, Malls
Bars, BBQ's ...Chillin-Out....
*We also have a talking Green Parrot who lives in the kitchen on top of one of the Refrigerators,,,He can not fly,,,,So he walks around the house,,

The House is very quiet. very good for chilling out......
Also another great thing here is: As rooms become available you can switch bedroom & swap out furniture.Parking spaces .Etc

4 miles from Miami Dade Community College – MDCC
8 miles from University of Miami – UM
9 miles from Florida International University – FIU
4 miles from Baptist Hospital
4 miles from Army Base
7 miles from Larkin Hospital (7000 building)
7 miles from ROSS University
21 miles from South Beach
1 mile from Highway US 1
1 mile from Florida Turnpike
14 miles from the Airport
10 miles from Doral Area
14 miles from downtown
9 miles to Homestead Air force Base
6 miles to Coral Gables
8 miles to Mathison Hammock State Park Beach

*Buses To the Metro Rail Train station is on my street

I started STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT years ago.
So NO Drugs,Swatters,"NOT" 420 friendly .!!!!!
* No party's.
* Very Quiet, Chill
* Very Organized
* Like Key West Villa

we often have house dinners together's,

I have 4 house Rules,,,,,,,,

1) No Illegal Drugs, Or Illegal Drug Paraphernalia, Anywhere on my property !

2) Before you do anything, Think if it might effect the other roommates?

3) Use Common Sense..........

(We have a list of stupid things that roommates have done over the years,,,


You will get a copy of the list and sign that you will not do them....

4) You are welcome to use all the things on the list above,,, As long as you

put them back where it belongs, and clean..

You must be able to clear a complete Criminal background. ($150.00)

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