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Learn how to become a successful Forex-trader in two weeks
Did you know 90% of traders lose 90 percent of their account in 90 days? That can be very demoralizing and a confidence destroyer for most beginning traders. Manifest Market Mastery is here to break that statistic, learn to trade with confidence and learn the foundation of making you a successful trader, by mastering the mental game.
After this course you will understand the FOREX market, whether it's for you, financial Fundamentals and gain the confidence to make your first trade.This is not meant to be an advanced technical analysis program. We suggest you paper trade until you build your confidence and real world experience. It's been said that one of the side benefits of trading is the expansion of your own personal growth. You will learn a lot about yourself and your money stories.
JUMP THE GUN AT Manifest Market Mastery we have a different philosophy then most of us have been taught by our parents and very well meaning friends. We've been told to go to college so you have a better chance of getting a "good job". Then you can save money and someday (not reality for most of us in California and other high priced housing markets) buy a house or condo and invest in your future. We've been told, "Don't get ahead of yourself, don't jump the gun" We think that was a good plan for prior generations but we think we DO need to jump the gun! It's counter intuitive but actually taking risk NOW, while we're young and have fewer responsibilities is a smart choice.
Jumping the gun can occur in that split second when everyone is waiting for the trigger to be pulled yet you sense the moment is NOW and you go for it! Great thing is there's no penalty in this jump but you stay ahead of the crowd and lead not follow. Making small moves now can create exponential results.
For some of us who didn't have the silver spoon, (Respect if you pulled the long straw and can be bankrolled by family) we need to grind to build that initial investment but it's possible to plant that seed now and see it grow. Whether it's your first $500, $1,000 or $5,000 this is money you're allocating for your future. We go into it knowing FOREX isn't a walk in the park and anything you choose to invest can also be lost. You will learn good money management but you're also human. Most traders have battle scars, it comes with the profession. When you see your account growing you may be tempted to take more risk. Review the modules often and remember preservation of your capital is key.

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