Collector's Art - Trump - "Sorry Losers & Haters - $600 (miami beach)

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Collins Ave near 55th St
condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 60 x 40 inches
Unique Art Need to sell it fast because I’m renovating and need the space.

Original art - unique piece - one only 60 x 40 inches - exhibited during Art Basel!

Digital painting infused into gloss white aluminum with UV resistant polymer.

Black metal edge frame 60 x 40 inches; Series: Famous Tweets In History.

Was selling for $3,500 but need to sell because of space for renovations. Cash only, no checks; sorry

From the artist ( https://patrickwanisart.com/ ): In this piece, “Trump: Sorry Losers & Haters” , I feature a tweet by Donald Trump from May 8, 2013, which highlights his psyche of consistently expressing, communicating and selling his superiority and achievements. Here is a simple explanation of my series, “Famous Tweets In History.” Imagine that Twitter has been around forever, and everyone is alive at the same time. Now, imagine, for example, Jesus Tweeting the two commandments; how many people would Retweet, and who would His Followers be? My series “Famous Tweets In History” explores and highlights the timelessness of meaningful and controversial words by the famous and infamous, revealing something about them or us. In each “Famous Tweet” I create, I explore the cultural icons or famous people who might have been his/her Followers had everyone lived at the same time. Also, the time, date, Retweets and Likes all have a meaning related to the message or the person Tweeting. In each Famous Tweet I present an expressive and exaggerated portrait of each subject, amplifying it with color and style, and with a distinctive image of him/her. I present a pop art interpretation and stylization with spontaneous, expressive colors representing the flashy yet shallow way we see and represent the world and celebrities, and our obsession with fame. Occasionally, I feature colors from the period to create nostalgia while still manifesting a sense that it is happening today. I also paint each Follower in a style that accentuates their personality, character, or message. Some of my Famous Tweets in History are satirical, some are comedic, and others have historic significance. I am not tied to any particular ideology: I focus on provoking thought, emotion and conversation. Is It Art If It Doesn’t Make You Feel Anything? This, my latest series of digital paintings reflect the intersection of technology, social media and the ‘cultural evolution and regression.’ My passion and insights into human behavior draws me to expose the intense emotions and biases of our world in a way that incites a response from the viewer while simultaneously exposing/satirizing the conflict of the absurdity and surrealism of our own lives.

Other creations in Patrick Wanis’ “Famous Tweets In History Series”: • “Bill Burr – Plenty Of Reasons To Hit A Woman, You Just Don’t Do it”, 2022 • “Ricky Gervais – Because You’re Offended Doesn’t Mean You’re Right”, 2021 • “Jenna Ryan – I’m Not Going To Jail”, 2021 • “Dave Chappelle – Gender Is A Fact”, 2021 • “Britney – I Just Want My Life Back!”, 2021 • “Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Women Belong Where Decisions Are Made!”,2021 • “Jesus – The Two Commandments”, 2021 • “Eastwood – Dirty Harry: I Have A Firm Policy On Gun Control”, 2021 • “Eastwood – Dirty Harry: Nothing Wrong With Shooting”, 2021 • “Eastwood – Dirty Harry: You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question”, 2021 • “Eastwood – Gran Torino: Somebody You Shouldn’t Have F*cked With”, 2021 • “Eastwood – Gran Torino: I Shoot You And I Sleep Like A Baby”, 2021 • “Eastwood – Fistful Of Dollars: Apologize To My Mule”, 2021 • “Trump: Remember This Day Forever! – Patriots and Fascists” Diptych, 2021 • “Trump: Sorry Losers and Haters – Kiss Goodbye”, 2021 • “Biden: Children Need A Role Model”, 2021 • “Dog - Your Best Friend: Where Is The Love?”, 2021 • “Clinton: I Never Lied”, 2020 • “Marilyn: They Loved Somebody I Wasn’t”, 2020 • “Einstein: Human Stupidity Is Infinite”, 2020 • “Trump: My Words Are Art”, 2019 **** Local pick up only in Miami - no shipping - sorry ****
I have more art from this series of Famous Tweets in History - in smaller sizes - 16 x 24 inches

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