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2018 YAMAHA 700R - $6990 (Riva Motorsports Superstore!)

3671 N Dixie Hwy

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make / manufacturer: YAMAHA
model name / number: 700R

2018 *YAMAHA* * 700R*.

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Year: 2018
Make: *YAMAHA*
Model: * 700R*
Mileage: 20
Stock #: 102907-00

~ 2018 *YAMAHA* * 700R*.

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also EFFICIENT, known as 1996 a quad, Pahokee quad bike, three-wheeler, four-wheeler or quadricycle as Park defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a vehicle Buckingham 2014 that Lighthouse travels on low-pressure Like Fort tires, with a Salerno seat that is straddled by the operator, along with Cypress handlebars Gate for steering Beach control. As the name implies, it is designed / to handle a wider variety of time terrain than most other Beach vehicles. Although it is a street-legal Pine vehicle in dealerships, some countries, it is not street-legal within most states and provinces of Australia, Port the Gardens United States or Canada.nBy the 1990 current ANSI REBATES, definition, ATVs are intended for use Pierce by a single operator, although some Lake companies have developed Sweetwater ATVs Interior intended Isles for use by the operator 4WD and one Sale passenger. The passenger is not required to have a helmet. These ATVs are referred Boynton APPROVAL, to as tandem ATVs.nThe rider sits Copeland / on and operates these vehicles like Fern a Clewiston motorcycle, but 2000 Loxahatchee the extra wheels Homestead give Issues more stability SINGLE, at slower speeds. Although most Wheel are equipped 2002 all with three or four wheels, six-wheel models exist for specialized NO applications. Engine sizes LaBelle of ATVs currently for sale in the United States, (as of 2008 products), range from 49 to 1,000 cc (3 to 61 cu in).nnnHistorynnn19th Westchester NO centurynRoyal Enfield built and Manalapan sold the Buckhead first powered The quadracycle Miles in 1893. It had many Seating bicycle Mile components, including handle bars. The Royal Enfield resembles a modern ATV-style quad bike but was Jerome $0 designed as a form Mileage of horseless carriage for road use.nnnMilitary Placid Richmond / Springs Ap. ATVsnnThe sales, term "ATV" was originally coined to refer to non-straddle ridden six-wheeled amphibious BHPH,financing, ATVs such Beach as the Jiger Groves produced by the Jiger Corporation, the Amphicat produced by Mobility Unlimited Inc, and the Terra River Tiger produced by the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Gardens Company in the mid 1960s and early 1970s. With the introduction Haverhill of Gomez straddle ridden ATVs, Aventura the term AATV good was introduced Clean to define the original amphibious / ATV category.nnnThree-wheeler era (19671987)nThe first three-wheeled ATV was the Sperry-Rand Tricart. Riverland It was designed in Special BAD 1967 as a graduate project of John Plessinger at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts near Detroit. The Mangonia Tricart was straddle-ridden with a sit-in rather than sit-on style (similar to the contemporaneous Big Wheel toy). In 1968 Okeechobee Plessinger sold the Tricart Credit patents and design City rights to Sperry-Rand Princeton New Holland who manufactured Colony them commercially. Numerous small American manufacturers of 3-wheelers followed. Park Shores These small manufacturers Island were / unable to compete New when larger motorcycle companies North like Honda entered the market in 1969.nnHonda Goodland introduced their first sit-on straddle-ridden Sport three-wheeled Lucie ATVs in 1969, which were famously Hacienda portrayed in the James Bond 2004 Basinger movie, Diamonds Are Forever and other Check / TV shows such as Magnum, P.I. and Hart to Hart. Dubbed the US90 and laterwhen Honda acquired the trademark on the termthe ATC90 dealers, (All makes Terrain Cycle), Espanol it was designed purely for recreational use. Clearly influenced by earlier ATVs, it featured large balloon affordable, tires instead of a mechanical suspension.nBy the early 1980s, suspension and used lower-profile Sewall's tires were introduced. The 1982 Honda ATC200E Big Red was SUV a landmark model. It featured both suspension and racks, pre-owned making it the first utility three-wheeled ATV. Naples The ability Used to go anywhere on Lantana terrain that most other vehicles could not cross soon made them popular CREDIT, with US and Canadian Naranja Palm hunters, Bal and those just looking for a good trail ride. Soon other manufacturers introduced their own Point models. Sales of utility machines skyrocketed.nSport Deerfield models were also developed Goodno by Honda, which had a virtual monopoly 1998 in the market Miami Drum due to effective Apply patents on design and engine placement. The 1981 ATC250R Beach was the first high-performance three-wheeler, featuring full suspension, a 248 cc air cooled South two-stroke engine, Gulf a five-speed transmission with manual clutch, and a front disc brake. For the sporting 1992 trail rider, the 1983 ATC200X Winter Palm was another Golden Hobe landmark machine. Glen poor, It used an / easy-to-handle 192 Atlantis cc four-stroke that was ideal for new participants in the sport. The ATC200X was the pay first high-performance four-stroke ATV that featured full suspension, front and rear Sewall Florida Palm disc brakes with single piston calipers, Biscayne an 18-horsepower Like engine, sporty looks and is widely Creek considered one of the Worth best credit, Everglades ATV's ever produced. 1994 MONEY, Today, ATC200X's can be found on the market in all conditions and prices, and is still Jensen highly regarded and followed by the aftermarket Mayaca / community.nIn 2020 Lauderdale 1985, Honda Lakeview also introduced the new ATC350X. The ATC350X was another high-performance Lauderhill three-wheeler, similar to 2016 Jupiter Carlos the ATC200X, but as an entirely new machine. The 350X Palm featured a 26-horsepower air and oil cooled West 350 cc four-stroke Cornwell engine with a 4-valve Tamarac head; impressive technology for DOWN, the time. The engine was so good, it Park found its way into many hybrid race four-wheelers in later years. The engine was a torque Palmetto monster, and Honda wasn't Miami afraid Pembroke to call the 350X Parkland "the King Deal of the Hill" in its Olympia marketing Lake of the drive / machine. The suspension Riviera was a step in Basinger between the all new ATC250R (which City Ankona featured a 246 cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine and nearly 10 inches no of travel in its suspension, Okeelanta great. front and back) and the ATC200X, with 8.5 inches of travel in the DOWN, front forks. Approve The 350X featured disc brakes with dual piston brake Shores calipers for superb stopping power. Westwood However, the 350X suffered time in handling Moore with an underbuilt chassis which made the machine unpopular with racers, except for reliable, those who chose 2001 to be different by racing Hallandale a four-stroke machine as two-strokes were the engine of choice at the time. Fortunately, aftermarket Deals came out with a custom gusset kit that significantly strengthens the frame at its weakest points Seat for riders that wish to build a race machine.nIn 1986, River the ATC200X got a complete redesign. Passport The machine shared nothing in Heights Westgate common with its predecessor than the name. 2007 It got an all new 199 cc four-stroke engine, white plastics which were notably Jupiter sportier, Lake longer suspension travel, Naples and a completely resigned "box" Palm frame, which was made of square tubing Southwest Ridge instead of round tubing INSTANT for a significant strength increase. The ATC350X Bay also / got various updates, including white plastics and most notably a revised Used Lakes oil pickup point in the engine, Mal to Lake help Palm reduce engine oil starvation SE when riding / long wheelies.nOther models, MILES, such 1993 as the ATC250SX were sold. The sale, lease, ATC250SX was Beach the Lauderdale first / sport utility ATV. Habla It featured a 250 cc air-cooled Credit four-stroke engine Lakes Lauderdale in that like the later revised Big Reds, were / Like shaft propeller instead of chain. It featured credit larger balloon Credit tires and a sportier look than the similar Big Reds, low, but could be ordered with cargo racks if the buyer chose to.nFor 1985 and later 1986, Honda Coral introduced Breezes an all new ATC250R. Different no, from previous generations, the new machines was most notably larger, sportier and now Harbor featured / a liquid-cooled 246 cc two-stroke. At a light weight of 292 Beach lbs, Approval the machine was incredibly quick Indrio for the day, with a high 38 horsepower pre-owned rating. Royal Today, the 1985-86 ATC250R is arguably considered Boca the greatest three-wheeler of all time, and aftermarket / Cheap support still follows the machine. The bike is widely raced For across the United Walton States North and credito, can be found on the used market for a bargain.nOver Placid the next few years, all manufacturers except Suzuki, developed high-performance two-stroke machines, Denaud $1,0 Wilton Now but did not sell Cloud as many time, due to the reputation already San secured Bay by Honda. These models were the Yamaha Tri-Z YTZ250 with a 246 cc two-stroke engine PAYMENTS, and a manual Goulds five- or six-speed gearbox 0, and the Kawasaki Tecate KXT250 with a 249 cc two-stroke REBATE, with a five or 6 speed gearbox. Miami However, the Honda ATC250R still proved to be more popular than both Bay others, with owners and racers citing that it FUEL had a more usable power band and handled / the best of the three. It continued Sea to outsell / both / the Tri-Z and Tecate in large numbers, including when Miami the machines were 2005 Opa-locka converted from three to four wheels and Exterior sold First side by side.nAmerican manufacturer Tiger no ATV also built various three-wheelers, in Beach sizes ranging from 125 to 500 cc Rotax Heights Marco two-stroke engines. The Tiger 500 is Village considered to be one of Crest Lakes the fastest ATV's of all time, which claims of top speeds being over 100 mph with a nearly 50 horsepower engine and 5 speed gearbox. However, due to the Bunche rarity Bad of the machine, Palm it remains Port a legend. The Tiger / 200 and 250s are the most common machines. All were custom ordered and built to the buyers specifications Pennsuco Surfside for factory ATV racing. The Tiger Super-4 was a four-wheeled 250 $0 cc 2 stroke machine that later South West replaced the three-wheelers. The Tiger manufacturing Gardens / EZ plant was closed and demolished Point in 1992.nProduction of / three-wheelers Beach ceased in 1987 due to safety concerns: three-wheelers were more unstable than four-wheelers City (although accidents Wheels Import are equally severe in both classes). The / duration Hollywood of the voluntary cease of Islamorada production (manufacturers were not required to halt Creek production but agreed to it) lasted 10-years and thus since 1997, manufacturers MONEY BHPH were free Park to once again manufacture and market three-wheelers. A ban on sales of new or used three-wheelers Pompano and a recall of all remaining 1995 three-wheelers here, has been proposed Beach by the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, it was determined in a CPSC study that three-wheelers are Harlem no more Dealers dangerous than other ATV's. The ban lead to widespread Naples thought that the machines are unregistrable, uninsurable, dangerous, and even illegal, but is false.nThese safety issues Gateway / with three-wheel ATVs caused all ATV manufacturers Dania to upgrade to four-wheel models in the late Village 1980s, and three-wheel models ended 2006 production in 1988, due to consent decrees between the major manufacturers and the Beach Consumer Product Clean Safety Commissionthe result of legal battles over safety Indian issues among consumer groups, the manufacturers and CPSC. The lighter weight of the three-wheel models Sunniland made them popular with expert riders. Cornering is more challenging Ranches than Chokoloskee with a four-wheeled Sale machine because leaning Palm into the turn is even more important, to counterbalance the weight and keep the machine LaBelle Saint / stable. Operators may roll over if caution isn't used at high Viking / speeds. The front Carfax INSTANT, end of three-wheelers Gifford obviously Bad has a single wheel, making it lighter, and flipping espanol Venus backwards is a potential hazard, especially Vero Miramar when climbing hills. Rollovers may also occur when traveling down a very steep incline. Rio However, Key in most terrain with the Lakewood proper riding technique and safety gear, accidents are not an issue. Three-wheelers take more Flamingo time to learn to ride properly than other machines and require a different style that others as well; such as leaning Auto to the inside of the turn and steering with the throttle. auto, The key is to break traction Miami with Financing Ridge the rear tires and "power slide". The consent decrees expired in 1997, allowing manufacturers Loan to, once again, make Ranch and market three-wheel Quarters models, though there Hutchinson are none marketed today. Recently, the Tavernier CPSC has cheap, Park succeeded in finally banning importation North Park of Beach Bad three-wheeled For Immokalee ATV's with attachments to bill HR4040. Many believe this is in response to Chinese manufacturers trying / to import three-wheeled ATV's. The Japanese manufacturers were also behind this Palm legislation, Miami as they have been held Brighton responsible for years to provide New ATV Safety training and to apply special labels all and safety equipment to their ATVs while Chinese manufacturers Largo Greenacres Condition Manor Beach did not. Three-wheelers can still be continued Cheap Inlet to be built and sold by West 2010 Gables American manufacturers if any chose North Clarke to build them.nnnFour-wheelers Manors (1985-today)nSuzuki was a leader in the development of four-wheeled ATVs. It sold the first model, the 1982 QuadRunner LT125, which was a recreational machine for beginners. Suzuki sold the first four-wheeled Pompano mini ATV, the LT50, from 1984 to Saint Glenvar Beach Naples 1987. Cheap After Alva the LT50, Suzuki sold the first ATV with a CVT transmission, the LT80, buy from 1987 to 2006.nIn 1985 Suzuki introduced to the industry the first high-performance four-wheel Park ATV, the Suzuki LT250R Kendall QuadRacer. Virginia This machine was in production for North the 19851992 model years. During bad, its production / run it underwent three major engineering makeovers. However, the core Internet features were retained. Beach These were: a sophisticated long-travel Sign suspension, Leisure Island a liquid-cooled two-stroke Cutler / motor and a fully manual five-speed transmission for / 19851986 models and a six-speed Plantation transmission for Loans the 8792 models. Juno It was a machine exclusively designed / for racing by BEACON, highly skilled riders.nHonda responded a year later with the FourTrax TRX250Ra machine that has not been replicated owned until recently. Lake It currently Weston Fort remains Ridge a trophy winner and Finance competitor Oslo to big-bore ATVs. Kawasaki responded with Harbour its Tecate-4 Lake 250. The TRX250R was Canal very similar to Motors the ATC250R 2019 it eventually 1991 replaced, and is often considered Miami Pinecrest Warranty one of the greatest sport ATVs ever built.nIn 1987, Yamaha Bay Motor Company introduced Plains a different type of South high-performance dealer, machine, the Banshee Group 350, which featured a twin-cylinder Haven liquid-cooled Coconut two-stroke motor from the RD350LC Quick street motorcycle. Heavier and more difficult Online Sale to ride in the dirt than the 250s, the Banshee Pines became a popular machine with sand dune riders thanks Credit to its unique power delivery. The Banshee remains popular, Islands but 2006 is the last year Park it was available in the U.S. City / (due to EPA emissions Beach regulations); Credit it remained available Bankruptcy in Canada until 2008 and in Australia until 2012.The Seats Credito, Warrior buyer, 350 was introduced in DOWN, 1987 and went on MILEAGE, for Palm years as a light and fast ATV.nShortly after Glade the Clean introduction Fort of the Banshee in 1987, Suzuki released the LT500R QuadRacer. This unique quad was powered by a 500 cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine with a five-speed transmission. Lakes This ATV earned the nickname "Quadzilla" with its remarkable amount 1999 Shores of speed and size. While there Hillsboro are claims of 100+ mph stock Quadzillas, it Park was officially recorded by 3&4 Wheel 2015 Action magazine Miami as reaching Beach a top speed of over 79 mph (127 km/h) in a high-speed / Easy shootout in Jupiter its 1988 June issue, / making it the fastest production 4dr four-wheeled ATV ever Montura Ocean produced. Suzuki discontinued Estero the production Pembroke of the LT500R Finance in Park 1990 after just four years.nAt the same time, development of utility ATVs was rapidly escalating. Acreage The 1986 Honda FourTrax TRX350 4x4 ushered in the era Hialeah of four-wheel drive ATVs. Preowned Other Bonita manufacturers quickly followed Beach suit, and 4x4s Medley have remained the Miami most popular type of ATV Ochopee ever since. These machines are popular with hunters, farmers, ranchers and workers at construction sites.nnModels continue, today, to be divided Beach into the sport and utility markets. Sport models are generally small, SE light, two-wheel drive vehicles that accelerate Point quickly, have a manual transmission and run at Davie speeds up to approximately Briny 80 mph (130 km/h). First Utility models are generally bigger Key four-wheel drive vehicles with a maximum speed of up Island to approximately 70 mph (110 / km/h). They have the ability to haul Ludlam small loads on attached racks or small dump beds. They may Bankruptcy Myers also tow small trailers. Due to the different weights, each El Ocean has Indian advantages on different types of terrain. A popular model is Yamaha's PAYMENTS, Raptor 700, which features a nearly 700 cc four-stroke engine.nSix-wheel Miami models often have East a small dump bed, with an extra set of wheels Springs at the back to increase the payload capacity. They can be either four-wheel drive use, (back wheels fair driving only), Ap or six-wheel drive.nIn 2011 LandFighter was founded, Shores "the first fair Dutch/European ATV brand". The Golden LOCAL largest part Delray of production takes site in Taiwan, to European standards; Sound the ATVs are finally assembled in the Used Netherlands.nnnSafety and legal FACTORY, regulationnSafety Coconut has been a major issue with ATVs due to the high number of 2003 deaths Fort and Miami injuries associated with them and the negligible protection offered by the machine.nnThe Tequesta Cheap modern / breed of ATVs was introduced in the early 1970s North and almost immediately realized alarming injury rates for Springs Instant children and adolescents. / Based on analysis of the National Beach City Park Trauma Data Bank, ATVs are more dangerous than dirt bikes, possibly due to crush injuries and failure to wear safety gear such Beach Park as helmets. Doral They are as dangerous as motorcycles, / / based on mortality and injury Wellington scores. More children and women are injured Harbor Perrine South on ATVs, who also River present a lower rate of helmet usage.nMany common injuries can be prevented with the Sunrise use of Portal proper protective equipment. Most Lucie ATV manufacturers Cooper FREE, recommend at least Stuart a suitable Lauderdale-by-the-Sea DOT-approved helmet, protective eyewear, gloves Browardale and suitable riding boots for all riding conditions. Hypoluxo 2009 Sport Key or aggressive riders, or riders on challenging Gardens terrain (such as those rock crawling or hillclimbing), may opt for a motocross-style chest protector and buyer knee/shin Golf Shores Beach guards for further protection. Beach North LOW Drive Proper tires (suited to a particular terrain) COLORS, can also Sunny Springs play a vital role in preventing injuries. Pioneer Fatal Village accidents Palmdale typically occur when the vehicle rolls over.nnnUnited StatesnIn /Financing the United Raton States, statistics New Village released by the Consumer 2018 Product Safety drivetime, Commission (CPSC) show that FICO, in 2005, Biscayne there were an estimated Heights 136,700 / Application Lehigh injuries associated with ATVs treated in US hospital emergency rooms. In 2004, the latest year for which estimates are available, / 767 Hollywood people died in ATV-associated incidents. According Indiantown White Naples all to statistics released by CPSC, the risk of injury in 2005 Port was 171.5 injuries per 10,000 four-wheel West ATVs in use. The risk of death in 2004 was 1.1 deaths Oakland Belle per 10,000 four-wheelers prices 1997 Port in use. Focus has shifted to machine size / balanced years with the usage of ATVs categorized models Bay by Vehicle age ranges and Today engine displacementsin line with the consent decrees. ATVs are mandated to bear a label from the manufacturer stating that the Breeze use of machines Stream greater than 90 cc by Margate riders under credit the Port age of 12 is prohibited. Shores This is a 'manufacturer/CPSC recommendation' Hialeah and South not necessarily state law.nThe American / Academy of Pediatrics Heights here ITIN Dealer and the CPSC recommended malo, that no children under the age of 16 should ride ATVs. A Canadian study stated that "associated Acres injury patterns, severity, 2013 and costs to the healthcare system" Highland of pediatric injuries Beach associated to ATVs resemble those Ridge caused by motor vehicles, and that public policies Car / should reflect this fact.nnAccording to The New / York Times on September 2, 2007, the Consumer Product Plantation Safety Commission met in March 2005 to discuss the dangers of ATVs. Data from 2004 showed Beach 44,000 Lakes children / under 16 injured Island while riding ATVs, 150 of them fatally. Says the Times, "National Low associations of pediatricians, consumer Loan advocates and emergency room doctors were urging Fort the commission / to ban sales of adult-size Coral ATVs for use by children under 16 because the machines were too big and fast for young drivers to control. But when it came time to consider such a step, a staff member whose Certified name did MONEY, not appear on the meeting great. agenda unexpectedly weighed in." That staff member was John Gibson Mullan, "the agencys director Pre of compliance Orangetree and a former lawyer / for the Fast A.T.V. industry" 2012 the Times bases good the claim on a recording of the meeting. all Mullan reportedly said Approved that the existing system of warnings COUPE, and voluntary Bad compliance was working. The agency's hazard statistician, Robin Ingle, was not allowed to present a rebuttal. She told the Times in an interview, "He had 2011 hijacked the presentation. He was distorting the numbers in order to benefit industry and defeat the petition. It was almost like he still worked for them, not us." CPSC reports of ATV deaths and injuries show an mal, increase in the raw numbers / of deaths and injuries that is statistically significant. The rate of deaths and injuries, which takes into account that the number of ATVs in use has FLEXIBLE risen over the last ten years, has been shown to have experienced no statistically significant change.nnThe United States government maintains a website about the safety of ATVs where safety tips are provided, such as not driving ATVs with a passenger / (passengers make it difficult or impossible For for the driver to shift their weight, as required to drive an ATV) or not driving ATVs on paved roads (ATVs usually have a solid rear axle with no differential).nIn 1988, the All-terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (ASI) was formed to provide training and education for ATV riders. The cost of attending the training is minimal and is free 2017 for purchasers of new machines that fall within the correct age and size guidelines. Successful completion of house, a safety training class is, in many states, a minimum requirement for minor-age children to be granted permission to ride on state land. Some states have had to implement their own safety training programs, as the ASI program cannot include 2008 those riders with ATVs outside of the age and size guidelines, which may still fall within the states' laws.nIn industry, agriculture workers are disproportionately at risk for ATV accidents. Most fatalities occur in white men over the age of 55.nnnUnited KingdomnA "Quad

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