Auction Date.June 5th..Don't loose your Home..Still not too late yet! (Miami)

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Foreclosure Pending.. Don't sell! It is not too late. (Miami)
Auction Date. June 5th? I can help. It is not TOO late
Are you anticipating an upcoming auction for your property? Avoid the distress of losing your home to the bank and retain ownership by seeking our assistance. It's not too late to safeguard your property, especially if you are currently facing the prospect of pre-foreclosure, with an auction looming shortly. Have you exhaustively explored all available alternatives and found yourself lacking the financial means to catch up on payments? If the desire is to continue residing in your home and you are confronted with an impending auction date, we can offer solutions to help you maintain ownership.

If you've already initiated contact with the bank's attorney, we understand the urgency of your situation. While we are not legal experts or attorneys and do not provide legal advice, our 35 years of experience as private money lenders in commercial residential real estate transactions and residential brokerage, coupled with 20 years of expertise in foreclosure loan modification and short sales, enables us to present viable alternatives. It is essential, however, to continue consulting with your legal representation for comprehensive guidance. Again, we are not attorneys or do we claim to stop a foreclosure proceedings. We do have options for most homeowners.

We extend a complimentary consultation, to discuss the available choices tailored to safeguard your ownership stake. By contacting us at 404-450-0885, you can explore these options, allowing you to sell your property on your terms and reap the associated benefits. In many cases, financing opportunities remain accessible, providing you with a level of leverage in the process.

The cost of our services equates to approximately two monthly mortgage payments. If your loan modification process is progressing slowly or you did not qualify, and if a potential sales agreement has fallen through, it is crucial to recognize that you are not obligated to sell your home at a reduced price to an investor or return it to the bank. I may help
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Reach out to Stephen Hayes at 404-450-0885.

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