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Using their tools the media and Hollywood liberals have somehow managed to have their way in convincing, misinforming and generally propagandizing people that right is wrong and that wrong is right which is the definition of Liberalism in its simplest terms. It truly is an adventure into insanity.

Liberals have now successfully mainstreamed insanity fooling a willfully ignorant public through brainwashing that homosexuality is normal and that abortion (The Murder of unborn babies) is accepted as normal behavior. Babies are not born wicked and evil they are born innocent. The scientists have studied twins. One was straight and the other homosexual but they share the same DNA and genetic which are identical. There is no gay gene. You were lied to but consider that someone whom is evil has no problem with telling lies.

How did they achieve this evil goal? Besides the constant brainwashing they changed the language disguising abnormal demonic activities to make something so evil sick and nauseously insane sound much more palatable and even normal and joyful although it is not. Then intentionally twisted our language.

Homosexual is now "Gay" a word once associated with happiness to describe a shame filled life of regret and sorrow filled with disease and death. Abortion they renamed "Choice" interesting now you have a "Choice" to commit murder of an innocent unborn child in the ultimate sacrifice to liberalism, Abortion. How utterly wrong and corrupted to the soul and void of conscience liberalism has become and it now has America spiraling downward with its insanity and stranglehold on what was once our common sense. Now they are already starting the same game with pedophiles calling it "Cross Generational Sexuality". Watch out America here come those that demand evil and insanity once again trying to convince you that wrong is right as they are coming for your kids.

Yes liberals have mainstreamed insanity but in your own heart will you accept it or call it on its face what it truly is, Insane and evil?

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