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Metal Band looking for Bass Player,Lead Guitar Player and Drummer

What's up dudes? I'll try to keep it simple and short...

(if these bands drastically differ from your taste, then it probably won't be a good match...and we'd most likely waste each other's time)

Influences are: Children Of Bodom,Megadeth,Death,Metallica,Dream Theater,Opeth,Carcass,Gojira,Death Angel,Overkill,Havok ect. Plenty more others but, those are the main ones.

I'm looking for an experienced Bass player, Lead guitar player and a Drummer. Age doesn't matter. As long as you're not younger than 20 years old or older than 45.

Gear wise it's preferable if you have a pro set-up. mid-level is long as in time you'll be able to afford professional equipment.
Overall...I'm just looking for some chill cats that i'd get along with and trust.

About me: I'm a young 30 year old, have professional equipment, transportation, been playing for over 14 years.
I'm a rhythm/lead guitar player and singer.

I have my own band and a whole album's worth of material written and released. No bullshit.
Have tons of followers on social media and the band is continuing to grow rapidly.
The style of the band is Thrash/Death metal. fast,dark,mean and aggressive.

(I'll send you a link of my bands music and social media page once I feel you are a good fit)

Yes I'm looking for the right players but, I'm also looking for close friends as well. People I can trust, get along with, and wouldn't mind hanging out with on the weekends an have a few beers with. (I don't do drugs btw. Not even weed)
I'm as nice as it gets, super chill and easy to get along with. The guy you hang out with on monday, is the same exact guy you'll hang with on friday. No mood swings whatsoever.
I'm nice. but, stern. I'm wise to bullshit and don't trust phony people.

If you are narcissistic, a weasel, phony or a bully that wants to build his ego with a band to talk shit to the audience on stage because you think it makes you look cool or something.
Sorry, this ain't your type of band.

I'm looking for chill cats that are super nice and easy-going.
No ego here. So, I'd like to hang with someone who doesn't have one either :) -

I say this with respect to your musicianship as a player and as a person, not with my ego.
But, every band needs a leader to ensure the bands survival and stability.
It needs to be understood that as the founder of the band, I make the decisions and decide the direction of the band.
As long as there's that understanding, and you've read this ad completely and feel you are a good match for this band. Hit me up an email and we'll go from there.

No pressure, I'm as nice as they come and as chill as it gets :) If you're a perfect fit, you'll have plenty of opportunity to create your own flair to the riffs/solos/bass notes/drums.
If it makes the songs better, than I'm all for it \m/

One more thing. this listing is to find the right players. Then we'll go from there.
Of course there is always that possibility of getting signed to a label but, lets keep it real.
Lets stay in reality. When that day comes, it'll come.
Lets just have fun, get to know each other, jam (if you live close by) and take it from there.
I think there's way too many guys out there that want, want, want and have their head way far up their ass wanting success right away. Not realistic.

This shit takes hard work,commitment, patience, loyalty and growth. Doesn't happen overnight.
So lets keep that in mind (in the real world) and lets have fun.
That's what it's all about. Hanging out, jamming, have a few beers, finding nice girls ;)
Success will come when that day is right.

I'm a gear-nerd so please share with me what gear you have in your rig :)
Send me your Instagram or social media page. If you don't have one, Send me a photo of you and your instrument, and we'll go from there.

Keep it heavy! \m/
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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