Tenant Eviction $500 Attorney/Lawyer Flat Fee plus Court costs (Tampa)

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Uncontested Tenant Eviction $500 Attorney Flat Fee plus Court costs

Tenant Not Paying Rent, or not vacating at end of lease?

In Florida, the landlord may evict a tenant who:
  • continues to remain on the property without the permission of the landlord after the lease has expired
  • is in default on the rent (not paying rent, or paying rent late)
  • continues to remain on the property after failing to rectify a breach of the lease

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We will handle your property eviction from beginning through and until the tenant is removed by the Sheriff.

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$500 Attorney Flat Fee includes:
  • preparation of all uncontested court documents through Final Judgment and Writ of Possession.

  • $500 Attorney Flat Fee does not include:
  • Court filing Generally $185 (charges may vary by county)
  • Issuance of the summons Generally $10.00 per Tenant
  • Service of process Generally $50 per Tenant
  • Attorney appearance at Court or Mediation
  • Sheriff's Fee for Writ of Possession and Removal of Tenant. (cost varies by County; generally $90.)

Florida Tenant Eviction Attorney Christophe Fiori represents landlords in residential and commercial eviction actions for nonpayment of rent, failure to comply with the lease agreement, failure by the tenant to vacate after termination of the lease agreement, or failure by the tenant to comply with Florida State Statutes regarding a tenant's conduct.
Evictions are time sensitive. A typical uncontested eviction can take up to 4 weeks to complete. I work hard to get your case filed quickly and to keep you updated on the case status. When calling my office you will speak directly with me or a member of my immediate staff.
We take care of your eviction with efficiency and thoroughness. We are well-versed in all aspects of Florida eviction laws and have the skills and resources to handle your eviction so that you can concentrate on other matters.
Avoid any unnecessary delays. Call Us Today (813) 333-1660

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