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Affordable and Aggressive Legal Representation: Small claims Court, County Court, Circuit Court:

General Civil Litigation:

Contract Disputes, Family Law, Evictions, Car Accidents, Slip and Fall, General Civil Litigation. Do you need an attorney to read a contract before you sign it, or draft one that will protect you? I can advise you and/or draft any kind of contract you need. Do you need to a Lease for your renters, or Non-Compete Agreement that will protect you and hold up in court? Did you sign a Non-Compete that you need feel is unfair? Do you need to Evict a renter who isn't paying rent, or for any other reason? Florida does not allow self- help. If you don't follow Florida law, you could end up owing your non-paying renter money for a wrongful eviction.

Domestic Violence Defense:

If you were falsely accused of domestic violence, or served with at TRO (Temporary Restraining Order), take it very seriously. It is widely understood that a high percentage of allegations of domestic violence during a divorce or paternity action (and sometimes when someone is planning to file one) are false, and TROs are saught for tactical strategy reasons- in order to receive more favorable rulings in Family Court (Example: to gain immediate, exclusive use of the family home, and/or custody of the children).

It is strongly advisable that anyone accused of domestic violence speak to an attorney, and be represented by an attorney in court. I have successfully defended against many false and misleading Petitions for Restraining Orders in Domestic Violence Court. Call for a free consultation. A Restraining Order can have very strong consequences for you in family court, and also can show up on background checks, and can prevent you from obtaining employment and housing far into the future (and also deter future romantic prospects). If you are served with a TRO- speak to an attorney today!

I have payment plans: flat fee and contingency fee arrangements- for full representation or simply as an advisory role for people representing themselves, drafting all legal documents, instructing clients how to file documents, drafted by me online, by themselves (pro se), and advising every step of the litigation. This is an affordable option for someone who needs assistance with the legal process, but cannot afford to hire an attorney. I always return calls and answer questions about next steps.

Small claims and County Court (or Circuit Court):

I can draft your court filings professionally for you, so that they are done correctly- and advise you how to represent yourself. You can afford to hire an attorney.

Variance Appeals:

If you were denied a variance you need for your property, I can draft your appeal, and help you throughout the appeal process.

Call for free phone consultation. Attorney Jennifer Ford (954)588-8831

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