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Rubio on Communism: What an idiot. (Miami) map

re new arrests....

new arrests.....

nyc government workers don't like video cameras. (n.y.) map

re Rubio and Ayotte

re; Teen finds finger in Arby's sandwich 1 (everywhere.....) map

government cams finally come to Palm Beach County (SDG) map

Union -- Mas Union (Palm Bayou) pic


Campaign Head Quarters: FREE Check Off List (Broward County) pic

I guess we'll all just have to move to Europe. (.) map

smashed up / into 18 vehicles

Jesus Would Throw Up map

I need help with PR for my books map

Seriously? map

fires gun at house while holding toddler

Bernie's Problem is Math (Aventura)

But Paul said unto them, They have beaten us openly uncondemned, (being Romans)


Benghazi Timeline pic

Why Bernie and Hillary Have It Wrong - A Union Members Point of View (Boca Raton)

need help writing political dialogue (Broward) map

A Great search story "Recent Federal Deficits United States 2007-2017

"conservatives are eating up this nonsense"

'No Extinctions': Polar Bears Survived Periods When The Arctic Had No

State Dept. to Hillary lawyer: Destroy classified Benghazi email 'Evid

Obama's Massive Regulatory Agenda pic

Google this 1 too "Only 36% Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of

Google "Top Scientists Slam and Ridicule UN IPCC Climate Report"

Do a search "Despite What Her Campaign Wants You to Believe, There Wer

Ex-DOJ official: Twisted Hillary scandal 'is felony corruption' pic

Juanita isn't the only one: Bill Clinton's long history of sexual viol

'Pets killed, tires slashed, late-night phone calls' What it takes to pic

Ex-U.S. attorney predicts special prosecutor for Hillary '100% certain pic

Google this one too"The only way to ensure Islamists are beaten in Ira pic

Google "The Top 7 Hillary Clinton Lies That The Liberal Media's Trying

Hillary's Crime: Section 1001

Google "Breaking: Blockbuster Benghazi Email Shows Hillary And Obama H

Google:60 Classified Emails on Hillary Clinton's Server, and Still Cou

Finally, The FBI Just Said THIS About Hillary Clinton's Emails

Hillary says having to show an ID is a violation of your rights

The only way 2 ensure Isis is beaten in Iraq is to defeat in Syria 1st pic map

Hillary Clinton's email defense just hit a major bump in the road

RE:re: President Obama's top 10 constitutional violations (Miami) (Wes

No, the Secretary of State Does Not Get to Privatize Their EMail

REPLY: re Republicans already hanging clinton with joy (west palm)

re Republicans already hanging clinton with joy (west palm) map

a self-destructive, partisan embarrassment for the GOP

If True, then Hillary can't be held responsible. Right Cons?

Whoops, maybe over reacting isn't such a good thing. Right Righties?

Republicans already hanging Clinton with Joy (West Palm)

re;$5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest & conviction of (person(s) who altered the pedestrian .....) map

Simple P/T Side Home Income Opportunity- SURVEY STUDIES {20/HR} (Miami)

USCIS when are you going to do something about wendy maroe kaleta???? pic

Scientific graph of global temperature via Earths FULL history. pic

Google: What is the penalty for violating the Constitution

Clinton seeks release of 'top secret' emails as scandal weighs on camp

If Hillary is Elected President and Indicted, Can She Pardon Herself?

Hillary Clinton's Emails: What You Need to Know

Obama: Crimes, Murders, Fraud, Felony, Violations, Etc ...

Clintons foreign donations 'clearly' violate the Constitution

I guess Hillary asking to remove the "Classified" header does help?lol pic

re hold your benghazm

10 month old Golden Retriever for sale (Broward) map

Hold Your Benghazm,

Still dancing in the streets or just hungover?

First Principles: Hillary Clinton may have a hard time talking campaig

YES, Hillary Clinton absolutely broke the law. Laws and statutes liste

Hillary Clinton Wants It Both Ways on Gay Marriage

Hillary's top aide Huma Abedin is being accused of criminal violations

The New Development That Could Mean Prison for Hillary

The Federalist: The Constitution Bans Hillary's Foreign Government

Video - The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton

More Trouble for Hillary. . . Read Clinton's Growing List of

Hillary Clinton was in violation of State Department rules governing t

Clinton's email correspondence contained 'top secret' material (West Palm)

EVIDENCE of Hillary's Intentional Violation of US Security Laws

Hillary violated the law!

Can the criminal violations of Hillary Clinton be ignored by Attorney

Busted! Hillary to be charged with ethics violations

Is 'Secretary of State Hillary Clinton' Unconstitutional? The Wall Str

Hillary Clinton Violated Federal Law And Ethics Laws

Hillary Clinton to Desecrate the First Amendment

Judge says Hillary Clinton's private emails violated policy

Watchdog: Hillary Clinton in 'League of Her Own' with Ethics Violation

Here Are The Laws Hillary Clinton Violated With Emailgate

Hillary Clinton was fired from the House Judiciary

Clinton: I Will Go "Beyond Obama" In Defending "Law Abiding" Illegal I

Re:Obama 'Birthers' claim Obama applied to college as foreigner May 30

to that pompano/w.p. Michael E. Mann FRAUD luvr, 2015 story here

100 reasons why man made CO2 footprint & climate change=scam

LMAO@Michael E Mann vindication, FALSE

Will Hillary Return The Property She Got At The White House?

Randomly selected CO2 stations and guess what they found? TAMPERING (South Florida)

30 years later, Arctic and Antarctic ice has actually increased, and i (Sunrise) pic

AIM.org, Accuracy in Media best reads (Cutler Ridge)

OMG is that pompano fool still out here rambling about man made glob (West Palm)

re:re:Complete Vindication of Michael Mann map

re: President Obama's top 10 constitutional violations (Miami) (West Palm)

2001 was Hillary's Year of Great Fortune, not of being "dead broke" pic

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