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Scame Artist (USA)

53 Looking for artist Andrew W. 53 (South Fl)

44 Hey (( KitKat )) Go towards the light already, you dont belong,,,, 44 (everyplace)

Looking for Mark Ebensteiner

36 When will Miami learn? Why are people here such idiots? 36 (Miami, CUBA)

57 For Chichi 1962-1979 57 (Miami-Dade)

RE: Really, Stopping Gental People Feeding The Hungry - 2000 (Florida)

The Obituary for the US as we know it today ....

To the person who stole my Galaxy S4

beware of jeff haas from pa (state college)


Learn to speak english (ALL) pic

morons, u had it on the balot, (doral)

Minc Oil Company SCAM! pic

Re: lonely void pic

99 Re Miami Drivers (laughs on you) 99 (My-am-mee) pic

Miami Drivers (Miami)

69 lonely void 69 (Miami) pic

Re: long shot cutie at spencers (miami) pic

long shot cutie at spencers (dade )

36 Ending a relationship 36 (Miami)

RE: Where s best place in SoFla to get a tooth cap replaced (PBC) (???) pic

47 No, it doesn't have to kill anymore 47 (fam+ friends)

Fat Lady of America

Here are a couple of theories that are possible about chump boyz pic

I am laughing my ass off.................. (sv)

Just want to vent (south florida)

56 Dear Universe 56 (everywhere)

re dinner whore?? really??? (here and there)

50 Title "Dinner Whore" is an Oxymoron coined by mysoginists 50 (miami)

re where is everybody?? (rite chere)

romantic cruises (south beach miami beach)

99 THE LQQK 99 (miami dade) pic

Re:Arrested for feeding the hungry homeless?

My opinion (Miami)

response to revolution (logicbehindbars)

38 Americans feel like they're immigrants 38 (South Florida)

Re: Where are all the black women? (miami) pic

do you know her pic

35 Fantasy Sports!! 35 (south florida)

RE: Asshole guy

20 Getting lost.... 20 (Miami)

Hey any of you wannabes ever seen this?? (well have ya??)

Shout out to my main man! (World)

27 who vapes 27 (miami) pic

19 sexting whats app group 19

35 To my fellow human beings 35 (Worldwide)

ID Fraud (Miami,FL and Stoneham, MA)

re ignorant bicyclists......................... (behind the bumper)

where is tamarac anyway??? (what??)

Re: 30 year old male TIRED of looking for work! (mijami)

30 30 year old male TIRED of looking for work! 30 (Miami) pic

60 YES! On Amendment 2 60 (Florida)

I was wondering about a deal................ (sv) pic

33 The bald guy is nuts 33 (Another galaxy) pic

Re: re: ohhhhhhh up your anus.................... (hahahhahahahahaa) ( (WOW!)


ohhhhhhh up your anus.................... (hahahhahahahahaa) pic

50 FLAG Uranus 50 (broward)

Pissed Pre-law Personal Rant- (America??)


cable schmable this dumass (ooooops......)

re re" I'll tell you Why is there still racial discord in the USA

Dear Barry.................. (here)

re: LOOKING FOR MATURE WOMAN - 55 (kendall) pic


RE: Have you been bad and need to be punish

re have you been bad and need to be punished (IDK)

re mark driscoll (heaven) pic

re re blue martini (here)

33 Lost and Found 33 (Coral Gables)

hey harris poster (loserville)

100 conspiracy theory (ebolaville) 100 (e-bolaville) pic

44 Speak English 44 (Florida)

RE: Victim of Revenge Porn (Your Momma's house)

Mike's Wife pic

19 I downloaded a new app 19

RE:´┐ŻAtt: jews,italians,afriKKKan americans, HATEians etc (Miami Beach) (mayami)

RE: I Am The Man and You All Know It. - 30 (Coral Springs) pic

2345 Watch out for dade transport 2345 (dade) pic

Fuck You Filbin and Fuck You Too Miami Dolphins (FUCK OFF!!!)

re: early riser - 40 (mia)

RE: Thick Thursdays (Miami) pic

Thick Thursdays (Miami)

35 Sold into sex 35

RE: Hello Miami how are you - 40 (Miami) pic

re: Hello Miami how are you pic

40 Hello Miami how are you 40 (Miami)

ok lets even the field a little bit............. (bwahahhahahaha) pic

Everyone enter (Reality)

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