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Tue 19 Aug

Aug 19 Eric Holder & DOJ Tried to Stop Release of Michael Brown Robbery Video (Ferguson) pic map

Aug 19 Ferguson Thug Michael Brown Robbed Store - Good Riddance Dirtbag (Ferguson) pic map

Aug 19 Cuban unemployment at 1.6% (Miami)

Aug 19 Chattanooga tops in tech thanks to socialism (Dade)

Mon 18 Aug

Aug 18 so i'll do it agan ass hold ( pic

Aug 18 French singer, Nathalie Cardone, remembers Che Guevara in song (Miami)

Aug 18 CTJ blasts Bush tax cuts (Miami)

Aug 18 Venezuela -- new law sends oil profits to the people (Miami)

Aug 18 The War Against Putin (5 Stars) pic

Sun 17 Aug

Aug 17 ** My Political Picture of the Day ** pic

Sat 16 Aug


Aug 16 Got Ethics ?? (Miami) pic

Aug 16 re Pass it on here is what is really stupid map

Aug 16 RE: Re - Pass it on ! Great post BUT people on this site are stupid / (We can't afford it!) map

Aug 16 pass it on (everywhere) map

Fri 15 Aug

Aug 15 hey dippy it for u ( pic

Thu 14 Aug

Aug 14 the same to u dippy (mr. brown) pic

Aug 14 When we fight, they win. Lets end the war. (miami)


Aug 14 Re:Republicans For America pic map

Wed 13 Aug

Aug 13 the last stand (night rider) pic

Tue 12 Aug

Aug 12 Venezuela has the fairest elections (Little Havana)

Aug 12 Make Spanish official (Little Havana)

Aug 12 Mass transit in China thanks to communism (Miami)

Aug 12 hell yes heydippy (unknow) pic

Mon 11 Aug

Aug 11 the one who call me hey dippy (neo) pic

Sun 10 Aug

Aug 10 just look at it (dark night) pic

Aug 10 Red light cameras are like crack cocaine for greedy cities (Miami)

Aug 10 Gas prices remain at 6 cents a gallon in Venezuela (Dade)

Sat 09 Aug

Aug 9 got ethics (unknown) pic

Aug 9 re Post deleted by republicans who FEAR THE TRUTH

Thu 07 Aug

Aug 7 people who vote for obama (dark night) pic

Aug 7 If the marines told me, they would have to kill me (The USA war machine) pic

Wed 06 Aug

Aug 6 people vote for obama (unknow) pic

Aug 6 drug dealers, users, rights (anywhere) map

Aug 6 re Sure enough try to educate republicans (and the first thing they do map

Mon 04 Aug

Aug 4 Re - US reports $71 billion surplus in June (Thank You, Obama!)

Sun 03 Aug

Aug 3 Super rich trashed the middle class (Sherlock Holmes)

Aug 3 U.S. tax burden at lowest level since '58 map

Thu 31 Jul

Jul 31 Samual Gompers on Unions (Miami)

Jul 31 Krugman say G.O.P. is illogical (dade)

Wed 30 Jul

Jul 30 Solar Power in Rural Venezuela - thanks to Socialism (Miami)

Tue 29 Jul

Jul 29 CSER says robot rebellion possible? (Cambridge)

Mon 28 Jul

Jul 28 Venezuela is a role model for labor laws (Miami)

Jul 28 Put the unemployed to work now! (Miami)

Sat 26 Jul


Fri 25 Jul

Jul 25 re Sandy Hook school map

Thu 24 Jul

Jul 24 Colour Republic (1301 NW 89TH COURT, #218, MIAMI, FL) map

Wed 23 Jul

Jul 23 Re:Republicans For America pic map

Jul 23 Minimum wage to climb in Venezuela, thanks to socialism (miami)

Sun 20 Jul

Jul 20 Venezuela's MetroCable system proves socialism is best (Miami)

Jul 20 Capitalism is a miserable failure. (Dade)

Jul 20 Krugman blasts Republicans for voodoo economics (Miami)

Jul 20 Republican's budget will kill 700,000 jobs (Dade)

Jul 20 "The Rant" by Tom Degan (Miami) pic map

Thu 17 Jul

Jul 17 Capitalism hits the skids and the fan. (Miami)

Tue 15 Jul

Jul 15 Obama Cool-Aid........Zombie Liberals (USA) pic map

Jul 15 re obama coolaid....zommbie liberals (maybe it's because) map

Sun 13 Jul

Jul 13 Europe can learn from Venezuela (Miami)

Fri 11 Jul

Jul 11 Workers' great victory - Venezuela (Dade)

Jul 11 re Boycott Israel map

Jul 11 Impeach Judge Charles Greene (broward county) pic map

Thu 10 Jul

Jul 10 Re - Times blasts Governor Scott for trashing high speed rail

Jul 10 Oliver Stone to make movie about Chavez (Miami) img

Jul 10 Venezuela trumps wealthy Chile in happiness (Dade)

Jul 10 Times blasts Governor Scott for trashing high speed rail (miami)

Wed 09 Jul

Jul 9 Re - Doubling Down On Failure

Tue 08 Jul

Jul 8 re US economy regains all jobs lost in recession map

Jul 8 Venezuela Leads on UN Human Development Goals (Miami)

Jul 8 New chocolate factory in Venezuela thanks to socialism (Miami) img

Jul 8 re Virtually every post here by republicans is depressing and negative map

Jul 8 re US economy regains all jobs lost in recession (Jobs went to immigrants) map

Jul 8 re US economy regains all jobs lost in recession (great news for non thinking idiots) map

Jul 8 Solar Power in Rural Venezuela - thanks to Socialism (Miami) img

Jul 8 Executive pay sky rockets in the Banana Republic of US (Dade)

Jul 8 Takin' It To The Streets! pic

Mon 07 Jul

Jul 7 Re - Re: Re - Thanks Craigslist Minders (Nope, you are wrong!)

Jul 7 Re - Thanks Craigslist Minders (again you prove that)

Sun 06 Jul

Jul 6 ^^^ Gay Burgers for Obama

Jul 6 Canadian health care system is best (Miami)

Jul 6 top 5 Social Security myths exposed (Miami)

Jul 6 Gas prices remain at 6 cents a gallon in Venezuela (Dade)

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